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What is Health age Calculator?

Use the Health Age Calculator to find our your Biological Age which, affected by lifestyle factors, such as Fitness, habits and nutrition is individual to everyone. Taking all your personal information into account, the Health Age Calculator calculates your exact Biological Age. Find out which factors are affecting your health and fitness with the results of the free Biological Age Calculator to improve your health lifestyle!

How does the Health Age Calculator work?

The Biological Age Calculator is based on your different lifestyle factors to calculate your biological age:

  • Heart Diseases
  • Medical Aspects
  • Nutrition
  • Psychological aspects
  • Security

How does this help?

While this is a crude way of calculating we hope it creates a sense of care your body needs. There are several lifestyle factors that determine our quality of life and Biological Age, such as Family History of illnesses. However, there are many things that you can do to help lengthen your biological age. Use Health Age Calculator regularly (once a month) and track your biological Age progress on DocHelp Platform to keep you motivated and improve your biological age. Start with making small changes to lifestyle, stay happy, health and be sure to exercise as much as possible and Live Longer and Healthy!

Disclosure: DocHelp's Biological Age Calculator is not intended to advice, suggest, diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Biological Age is a crude mease of your health based on the data entered. DocHelp is not responsible for anything you do on DocHelp platform properties and/or once you leave this site.