DocHelp Electronic Signature-Authorization

The purpose of this DocHelp Electronic Signature Authorization (“Electronic Signature-Authorization”) is to ensure you agree to DocHelp’s Electronic Signature Authorization statement below in order to continue with the registration and or site usage.

As prescribed by federal law (the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act) your acknowledgement authorizes electronic records and electronic signatures as legally effective

Electronic Signature Authorization

Be assured that all information collected will be used by DocHelp only for business purposes. No personal identifiable information is sold to third parties. Please read ourPrivacy Policy for additional details. DocHelp requires the use of Internet Explorer (version 5.5 or later) or Mozilla Firefox (version 51.0.1 or later) web browsers, with cookies and JavaScript enabled or DocHelp mobile app. DocHelp does not guarantee that our web site will be accessible through other browsers. Use of your browser's "Back" button is discouraged.

Concerning Electronic Transactions on and or DocHelp mobile and Tablet apps

When using the web site and or DocHelp mobile, tablet apps, you are entering into transactions with DocHelp or your Health care providers or Health care organizations or Insurers electronically. These transactions may include acceptance of Privacy policy, Terms and conditions, HIPAA authorization, Community standards, Granting permission to DocHelp for requesting your health records and collecting attestations from health care providers, organizations and insurers, Sharing information, health records, bills and other information from time to time to different parties, Bill payment etc.., services as you use them via DocHelp solutions. By using various DocHelp Solution functionality you are consenting to "electronically sign" any required forms rather than signing paper copies in wet ink. This consent applies to all transactions and actions you are performing while using DocHelp functionality that exists at the time of you signing this consent and also be applicable for changes in the functionality and as well as newly added functionality from time to time. It is your responsibility to check all changes (new and existing) to the DocHelp functionality and determine if you would like to withdraw your consent. You may withdraw your consent to conduct these electronic transactions by terminating the transaction session at any time before your transaction is completed. You consent and agree that you have read, understand and agree to the provisions stated above, including those contained in the Privacy Policy.